Wednesday, October 27, 2010

halloween tutorial

check out the video

Today I dicide to do this look since i had the wig hehe :) I came up with this colors lol  wich was mostly pink and purple lol i love purple this month ive been loving it.. i dont realy know wat to call this look it was fun doing it I have never use this much makeup uggh never mind i have lmao... but yea i think if you girls or guys dont know wat to be for halloween just go by a cheap wig like i did all you have to do is comb it with hot water and your done you would have a pretty wig believe me it works lmao.. dont straigthen  cuz your burn your wig lol obviosly is plastic hahaha and do your make up crazy and kute come on is halloween be fun and creative lol im not creative or maybey i am or not hahaha... just use anyting you have at home and throw something would go with it so hopefully you guys enjoy this... bye claudette

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