Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday tag and Merry christmas :D

Today is amazing lots of food im loving i wann do this blog post just to tell my lil crowd merry christmas
and hopefully all you people are eating alot ..... hehe and getting lots and lots of presents buahhahah..
my lil son open one of his presents early wich he love and he cant stop playing with it we are about to eat more right now believe me im stuffed biut theres lots of delicious food i cant resist lmao.
Oh cmon lots of people broke their diet today haha....
im proud to be with my mom and sis today because last year they left to mexico i was pretty much lonely last christmas was one of my worst, but the go thing that makes me smile wich is jj and my hubby..
thanks to them im here writing lol..
well i know ive been M.I.A for this blog but maybey nobody noticed lol
so heres some pics that i took couple of min hopefully you enjoy
i was playing with my picture effects so please dont mind that... xoxo claudia

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday spirit

Hey my readers i know Ive been not  doing good in this blog but ima start getting more in it cuz rite now im kinda beeing busy havent realy dress up any special outfit but the holidays are coming ima be going out more with my fam and more cute outfits :) so yea if you want too keep in touch with me you could add me on facebook or checkout my youtube channel........ but anyways this look rite here it was just inpired by the holidays and what i would do during is simple but here are sum pics and tutorial of it please watch thanks alot xo claudette...

Monday, December 6, 2010

New set up

So finaly today ups brougth my package i have order last week 
I needed to organize my make up already it didnt fit anywhere.
so decided to buy something for it, i also needed a new set up for my tutorials 
because i realy didnt knew where to do the them no more it was only $95 dollars from amazon
but  it so worth it im realy happy i got this to get organized and not leave my make up out like I use to
because most of the time i would loose some of my make up.....

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today i went to see burlesque with my brother and sis and i was waiting 
to see it since it came out
she is just a inspiration to me for all her talent she has, this movie was amazing work
i give it lots of credit like she says in the movie "i have never seen nothing like this"
I realy enjoy watching i high recommend if you havent seen it...
the make up from every scene it was beautiful.... xoxo claudette

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello my readers :) today i found my pink heels I didnt knew with what to wear them with for me is kinda hard to style pink shoes..
so i decided to wear them like this with my pink lips hehe even thou i didnt like the color of  my lips..
but oh well... I know im i dont have a perfect body shape but i like to dress up...
nobody should care about how they look you know god send you how you are and you have to live with it:) XOXO CLAUDETTE
Shirt H&M
earrings FOREVER 21
Skirt FOREVER 21
Heels N/A

Thursday, November 11, 2010

TAG! ♡ My Perfect Imperfections

Hello since theres been a TAG that adreaschoice did I decided to do my own so check it out later
on in my youtube channel theres gonna be a vid on this look so check it out...
in youtube.comclaudettesmakeup

Monday, November 8, 2010

Today was very windy hehe and I was cold ugghh lol but anyways it was fun going out with my hubby
taking pics wit me and with my son :) we were having fun hehe i was shy theres was people watching 
it was my first time going outside and be taking pictures in pulbic...after taking pics we went to my boyfriends job and we ate bk it was delicious i ate a original chicken sanwich combo with a rasberry iced tea
so hopefully you guys like my outfit i have lots thing coming up so stay tune :) xoxo claudette

Everything im wearing is forever21 from head to toe lmao... except the hat i bought it at target :)
oh and duhh the purse is Juicy Couture 
i pick this oufit cuz its cold it looks fall..
the makeup im using makeup forever hd foundation
my 88 pallete from coastal scents
and red lipstick from loreal...
cs bronzer compact

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet jj my son

Okay today i got a CANON SLR EOS REBEL XS
I got this camera for this blog but I also bought it for my son his growing up so fast :)
and I burly take him pictures well today was his first photoshoot lol awwww he was like so happy
he was rocking lil baby boy I love him so much his 2yr and a half .... his getting bigger everyday im seriously.... hehe this week me and him have alot things to do i want to take him picture every where we go lol... from now on also this week im gonna take some photos well my husband is gonna do it for me Ima be taking photos with outfits that you guys could wear for cheap that ima put together is like outfit of the day so stay tune remember to check out my channel in
thank you xoxoxo claudette

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This weekend was Amazing

Okay Ima start by saying that i did a new blog but im pretty sure you guys didnt notice cuz i never usualy add something on there im realy want to get into this blog stuff it seems fun so this is my first post in this blog.. okay my weekend started since thursday oct.21.10 wich was my birthday it was amazing my family got me pizza movies and much more i loved it.. 
On Friday i went to see jackass 3D hehe let me tell you it was so freakin funny hehe.. i was lmao the
whole movie with my husband hehe. He loved it i enjoy spending that day with him since the morning that he took me to eat at bk..haha.

On Saturday My husband Family hehe its weird saying husband im use to saying boyfriend lol
well anyways they did me a birthday party in hesperia california it was realy fun we thought that people werent gonna show up but lots did they went down from L.A  to up there i was realy happy even thou it was realy cold lol seriously it was haha but its all good i dont trip..
On sunday i went to the mall with my hubby and my mother in law to waste my giftcards they gave plus my hubby bougth me stuff too.. haha oh another thing i could say is that i ate alot for sure i broke my diet girls (and boys) i didnt care because it was birthday so it was like whetever but right now im like ughhh man lol. im going to the gym all this week lmao.. so please stay tune for more blog post i promise i am..espeacialy cuz...........? next time ill tell you guys.