Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kim Kardashian inspired look !!

So one of my subscribers on facebook
requested for me to do kim Kardashian inspired look
well this is what i came up with 
i try my best i dont really like recreating looks 
because they never come out but hopefully i did a good job !!
I took this pictures with my phone so hopefully it looks good hehe :D
Lately i havent been feeling good i feel depress
lonely ughh i dont know how to explain ,
plus ive been realy sick again it sucks because
one day im sick 3 days after comes off 2 days im okay and then it comes backk uggh..
dats why i realy havent been uploading that much videos
my troat is kinda starting to  hurt a lil :( noo i have lots of stuff coming up for my youtube and my blog ...
hopefully this depression comes off i dont like feeling like this i feel trap and cant get out 
i love blogging i feel like is a  journal hehe....
well ill keep posting more blog post so stay tune kay kay.. 
xoxo claudia

The Video Of This Look !!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

This week...

So starting since monday i been kinda busy I went out with my hubby wich was so fun
he got me a big bouquet of roses with a phone and necklace :D He was so sweet we ate italian food
my favorite 0_0 , while we were eating he told me he was gonna take me shopping the next day so yes we
went out monday and tuesday it was so fun because i pick out anything i want yayy me ... and we went to the movies walk around alot i was so exhausted but i didnt care cuz i spend lots of time with him :D
the next day in the morning he told me he love me and that he pre order the new Canon T3i SLR camera
guys im so excited he gave me so much this valentines day he made me so happy because this is my 2nd SLR  he new how bad i wanted another one and he got it i have the best man in the world thank goodness :D His a keeper ;D
So on wed in the afternoon i got an order that i purshase online i was so dissapointed
the glitters was so nasty the eyeshadows too the full size  was so freaking small it was a
ripped off i dont even know why people buy from there... i was so mad ughh im still mad lol  but
thats what i get for buy stuff from websites that i know there gonna suck.. ughh
never purchasing something from a cheap website no more ill get stuck with
eyelipsface if im gonna buy something cheap i would rather waste alot of money on something that realy works .... heheh i do not want to say the website name because i dont want people to throw it in my face...
but this was something i waste my money on this week and it freaking suck i threw them all to  the trash ... :(
  So thursday was amazing because i woke up in a realy good mood so started fixing my self trying to look like madonna lmao  for my contest for my subbies because they deserve it they been so supported
and i wanted the theme of my contest to be madonna /80s because i love the 80s im always hearing 80s music like madonna  cyndi lauper bon jovi guns and roses prince Aerosmith and much more i have alot of 80s in my blood lol im into the 70s 50s and all those cool decades, they were awsome i wish i grew up lol but yea hopefully alot of people enter i cant wait to see the madonna look a likes hehe is gonna be so much fun ....
Today Friday im just here in my bed in my mac book seeing all the wonderful stuff my subbies write to me there so sweet i love them already I dont want to sound like a freak but i do hehe..
I just ate Roasted chicken with fries and beans and rice heheh i know its alot i eat alot i dont care
you know the heart is the one that counts hehe my big fat heart lmao heheh so hopefully i keep posting often especialy because ima be taking more pictures because my husband is gonna be 21 and my son birthday is gonna be coming up too and ima be showing the outfits im gonna be wearing...
so hopefully i didnt bore you haha and remember enter my contest you have a month hehe
so thank you so much for reading my post...
xoxo claudia

TO ENTER!!!!!!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be my valentine!!

OMG can you believe the day of love is here awww im so in love with my boo boo
since 2006 we been celebrating valentines day and they have been amazing
The First year he gave me a small kute bear with a rose and letter
The Second year he gave me a necklace with another
 teddy bear and letter chocolates and rose hehe :D 
The Third year the bear was bigger hahaha
with a medium box of chocolates
The Forth year he got me roses a letter  and took me shopping at 
forever 21 and victoria secret woooooo :D
in the Fifth year he gave a huge i mean huge bear saying
i love you with so many roses and chocolates:D it was so nice never gonna forget!!!!
In one month later he propose and got married in june :D awwwwww i wonder 
what im gonna get this year i dont care if simple and cute as long his by my side at all times 0_0 hehe i love you babe !!!!!!  Hope you all have a great weekend with your love one
and hope you get something sweet remember girls if he gave you chocolates it means it doesnt 
matter how you look like :D so eat them and enjoy them
thank you so much for reading my blog post
xoxo claudia 

If you want to see how i did this look!!!!!!!