Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Lil Boy First birthday party of the month :D

This weekend was awsome with my jay jay his gradma wich is michaels mommy threw him a party
and he realy enjoy it she got a jumper for him and it was his first time jumping in one of them :D
He got lots of presents im realy thankful :D i was trying to record like vlog but it was hard im shy 
but im trying my best:D hehe so i took some pics.... i was realy excited for him cant wait for his real birthday date wich is march 16 im gonna record that for sure hehe :D my lil Bubbles muah...
my weekend started since thursday hehe till monday it ended but it was so kool because i was gonna try new camera for youtube :D yayyy i finaly got it my canon T3i yayy me hehe is realy good quality love it :D thanks to the best hubby in the world Hehe 
thanks for reading
xoxo claudia

Check out the new video quality and the 2 lip colors for spring :D