Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This weekend was Amazing

Okay Ima start by saying that i did a new blog but im pretty sure you guys didnt notice cuz i never usualy add something on there im realy want to get into this blog stuff it seems fun so this is my first post in this blog.. okay my weekend started since thursday oct.21.10 wich was my birthday it was amazing my family got me pizza movies and much more i loved it.. 
On Friday i went to see jackass 3D hehe let me tell you it was so freakin funny hehe.. i was lmao the
whole movie with my husband hehe. He loved it i enjoy spending that day with him since the morning that he took me to eat at bk..haha.

On Saturday My husband Family hehe its weird saying husband im use to saying boyfriend lol
well anyways they did me a birthday party in hesperia california it was realy fun we thought that people werent gonna show up but lots did they went down from L.A  to up there i was realy happy even thou it was realy cold lol seriously it was haha but its all good i dont trip..
On sunday i went to the mall with my hubby and my mother in law to waste my giftcards they gave plus my hubby bougth me stuff too.. haha oh another thing i could say is that i ate alot for sure i broke my diet girls (and boys) i didnt care because it was birthday so it was like whetever but right now im like ughhh man lol. im going to the gym all this week lmao.. so please stay tune for more blog post i promise i am..espeacialy cuz...........? next time ill tell you guys.

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