Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life , dieting , love , support , family .......

Wow i know its been long.. well ive been good, busy
but alright just been taking care of my lil bubbles hehe
and my youtube and many other stuff in life .
im trying to loose weight last year i lost 20 pounds like in 1month and
a half this time is hard but so far i lost ten wich is okayy im gonna keep going
not stoping i eat wetever i want  but when i know im full i stop because before
i use to eat and get full but because is there ill keep on going lol
idk maybey that has happen to you hehe i try to drink a gallon of water a day
it burns lots of calories  im also going out alot 
like to random places just not to be only in the house with the baby
because when im home i just eat watch tv just do my stuff in my house 
but its not enough so me jay jay and sis go out maybey eat but we still walk hehe
that has been helping me alot :D in the summer i was just home 
taking care of my son and i gain weight like crazyy maybey like 30 pounds im not joking..
im also tryin to eat as much as fruit as i can and veggies because you know your body changes while your gettin older and its gonna get harder im saying because im experience this rite now heheh
but you never know everybodys body is different :D So girls if you love to eat , eat wetever you 
want im doing it i lost at least 10 and hopefully i loose more hehe just make sure when your full you stop eating lol ;D Im so happy at this time of my life because lots of people in youtube support me and there super sweet , and im also happy because my hubby and son makes me happy im glad my hubby has at least sat off because we do so much in one day i love them there so adorable when there with me im just having so much fun laughing all the time heheh my hubby also supports me in youtube alot he always tells me whenever you wanna do a giveaways ask me he helps me promote :D im happy to have him.... 
This weekend is my sisters Birthday yayy shes finnaly 18 heheh
im gonna be takeing lots of pics and im gonna post them rite here :D
yayyy finally claudia hehe yayyy hopefully you girls love my outfit :D
Im so happy for my sister shes doing so good in school im realy glad shes gonna finsh school soon..
Speaking of school my lil boy jayjay is gonna start pre shool soon on september aww soon his gonna be my big man heheh :D im so excited for him i know his gonna do great..
in california well in my school spring starts next week i feel like there doing this to late :( but anyways after spring brake my new class starts im also gonna finish school with my sis yayy us hehe..
im also taking Film / photography im learning so much <3 im loving it
heheh i talk to much hehe well heres a some photos and video of my recent beauty tutorial
i did it for my girls that work in offices and have style woot woot :D
Hope you enjoy and talk to you this weekend 
See you 
Thanks for reading!!