Monday, April 18, 2011

First vid me and my sister did !!!

Aww me and my sis we love each other :D
Like i said before i dont have friends in real life i admit it..Stefani is my Sister/ bestfriend 100%
Because you know you always have your sister that you talk to alot
but then you have a bestfriend that you even tell her more stuff..
well shes both i tell her everything every secret ive been betrayed many times
when im down shes always there to make me smile and make me laugh and as well I am with her..
Im lucky to have her me and her have been threw alot together we always go every together we have are lil sleepovers eat all nite be crazy all night ..... me and her are so much fun

even more that we do youtube videos we have so much plan for our channel
we havent post it much only like in my beauty channel
but since we are seeing that people are requesting more and more videos about us too we decided to have are own channel :D
we are so happy about that we are even writing scripts lol jk
no when we do videos we just turn on that camera we just start talking wetever comes out
thats what will post :D please go subb i will appreciated

How we got the name was last year around March 20, 2010
me and my sister we were thinking about doing videos
but we never got a chance but we actually did got a chance to do atleast one :D
and thats when just said it claudee n stefani show we feel like it sound it better how it goes specialy cuz we did like a lil beat to it yeaa its pretty wierd rite heheh :D hehe in the video that we did i was actually realy shy :D heres the video and pictures we took thursdayyy hopefully you all enjoy :D
xoxo claudeee

Everything forever 21 :D