Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kim Kardashian inspired look !!

So one of my subscribers on facebook
requested for me to do kim Kardashian inspired look
well this is what i came up with 
i try my best i dont really like recreating looks 
because they never come out but hopefully i did a good job !!
I took this pictures with my phone so hopefully it looks good hehe :D
Lately i havent been feeling good i feel depress
lonely ughh i dont know how to explain ,
plus ive been realy sick again it sucks because
one day im sick 3 days after comes off 2 days im okay and then it comes backk uggh..
dats why i realy havent been uploading that much videos
my troat is kinda starting to  hurt a lil :( noo i have lots of stuff coming up for my youtube and my blog ...
hopefully this depression comes off i dont like feeling like this i feel trap and cant get out 
i love blogging i feel like is a  journal hehe....
well ill keep posting more blog post so stay tune kay kay.. 
xoxo claudia

The Video Of This Look !!!


  1. you look great!!!!! :) and don't worry about depression i think most of women feel that once in a month!!!! :P