Monday, January 17, 2011

Sigma brushes review

Monday, January 3, 2011

New year

yay is 2011 very happy this past year has been realy great :D
im happy the new year came in because i know god has alot of things plan for me
this year my resoulution for the year are....
1. Be social with people im realy shy and i dont like that about me...
2. is to eat healthy stay in shape cause pass year i gained are 20 pounds lol
3. is to get my diploma for make up shcool by the end of this year and my high diploma  :D
but yea hopelfully all the viewers that view my blog have great year wohoooooooooooooo:D
yay so one of my subbies gave the idea to wear this make up on new year so thank you so much :D

 shirt : Forever21
cami: cotton on
lether mini skirt from: forever21
heels: forever21
legging: target
mulberry for target
face im using all mac cosmetics :D